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The success of your mobile application depends on the quality of your user acquisition at QUANTA DIGITAL we know how to do it

Quality Aquisition First

After launching several campaigns Quanta Digital has acquired solid experience in marketing for mobile apps and this for all verticals. Whether for a fintech mobile, an e-commerce application, or even for an online booking application.

At Quanta Digital we implement personalized mobile application marketing strategies that guarantee real performance, we not only boost the number of mobile application installations but also deliver real user engagement results for your brand.

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In order to make your mobile marketing campaigns successful we apply a set of techniques that have already proven themselves.


Without optimizing your app in distribution platforms it is difficult to make yourself known and therefore have a significant number of downloads. At Quanta Digital we use proven application optimization methods that deliver marketing performance.

By using a tested and approved framework, we guarantee brands a much better visibility of their mobile applications, including a higher volume of downloads. Our techniques are varied and can range from the optimized writing of the description of your application to obtaining quality reviews.

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Here we are all implementing a search strategy to organically attract new users. The advantage of using such a strategy is that it allows in the long term to acquire a good quality of traffic and at low cost with very often a better commitment.

So we design for you a whole strategy of highly effective content and we distribute the whole through adapted social networks in order to be able to have a big impact quickly.


Quanta Digital is probably one of the best agencies in terms of marketing performance and especially with regard to Social Marketing. So by using our partner ads platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, … we are sure to deliver your new user acquisition campaigns or your retention and engagement campaigns in the right place and at the best cost.

Our marketing experts guarantee that you will quickly connect your mobile application with a maximum of perfectly targeted people, all over the world, while optimizing your advertising budget.


Google Ads remains one of the best advertising platforms and with that you can easily target the relevant audience. At Quanta Digital, our experts guarantee you the creation of a profitable advertising campaign and above all adapted to your budget.

The idea is once again to acquire better quality users with a real commitment while respecting your marketing objectives. Thus our experts work constantly in a performance and quality concern for your campaigns to deliver better results in the short and long term.


In order to vary advertising channels it is important to take advantage of what are known as ad networks. At Quanta Digital our experts put at your disposal a set of advertising inventory gathering an incredible number of advertising spaces. By diversifying your marketing strategy in this way, you are sure to reach a greater number of users.

Also thanks to our monitoring tools and in particular thanks to our partnership with AppsFlyer, a benchmark mobile attribution platform, our experts guarantee you clean results without fail. Because it must be emphasized that mobile fraud is constantly on the rise and we know how to deal with it. At Quanta we use Protect 360 a feature of AppsFlyer that help us to check all fake installs.

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22.6% of global mobile media spend is wasted on mobile fraud

Fraud targeting mobile app marketers is evolving faster than ever at Quanta we use P360 from AppsFlyer


Having a large number of user acquisitions of your mobile application is one thing, but if nothing else happens, it will not impact your business and you have perfectly understood it. The quality of your users will necessarily be reflected in the income or results that you will obtain thereafter.

Thanks to our expertise and the set of tests that we have been able to conduct during all our campaigns, today we can say that we are perfectly able to work on the engagement of all your users. This is why we have implemented a whole marketing method to deliver the best possible LTV to our customers.


Without content it’s difficult to launch a campaign for your mobile app and we also know that having the best arsenal is essential to being seen quickly. This is why our graphic designer and copywriter offer to work on all of your digital marketing content.

We design visuals, high quality videos but also playable ads to effectively promote your brand and your mobile application across all online advertising platforms. Our teams can also make you scaler without any problem throughout your campaign.

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Quanta Digital has tremendously delivered and improved the execution of MamyPoko ads in the digital space. In 2018, before engaging with Quanta Digital, our long-standing issue was hitting both the number of visits and conversion rate required by Lazada which resulted to limited visibility and placements within their platform…

– MamyPoko Philippines

We have been using Facebook Ads through Quanta Digital for a year now since March of 2019 and the result has been very favorable, especially during campaign seasons.Our Facebook Ads activation through Quanta has consistently been a part of our offsite marketing strategy for driving traffic…

– Cayla Li, coocaa PH e-Commerce Manager