Develop your digital marketing performance using the power of social media

We know that your advertising budget is precious and that is why we know that the framework that we have implemented in recent years is a system that will help you

Converting Your Visitors Into Buyers


You would like to develop your marketing performance using social networks. By joining Quanta digital we offer proven solutions. Our team of social media experts analyzes the unique needs of your business to adapt the best approach to your social media campaigns.

We know that your advertising budget is precious and that is why we know that the framework that we have implemented in recent years is a system that works and that contributes to remarkable marketing performance.


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Our team of social media experts analyzes the unique needs of your business to adapt the best approach to your social media campaigns


In the world of marketing, the best method to get results is to use paid advertising solutions that will allow your brand to reach its audience faster. Our experts regularly consult trends in terms of marketing performance to set up more impactful advertising campaigns that generate results and convert.

Our work as a performance digital marketing agency is to ensure that we achieve your goals in the most efficient was possible. With insights on the best audience segments to target for your brand, together with studies on how they react towards different kinds of marketing materials, your spending efficiency and conversion rates will definitely improve with Quanta.

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We all know that Facebook is one of the largest social networks with more than 2.5 billion active users. The biggest advantage of using this channel is that Facebook holds an infinite amount of data about its users and their behavior. This makes it so much easier to do an in-depth analysis and to target your audience all over the world for very attractive costs.

At Quanta, our Facebook marketing experts continuously optimize campaigns on behalf of our customers to provide the perfect methods for your business. Gone are the days when campaigns are just set up and results are analyzed as it ends. With Quanta Digital, optimizations are taken as campaigns run to ensure that results are maximized!


Even though Instagram is a Facebook platform, the fact remains that it alone reaches an incredible number of users. So going without Instagram would be a grave mistake.

At Quanta Digital, we’ll help create a marketing strategy fit to maximize engagement and conversions from audiences on Instagram. While Instagram strives hard to reach your branding and engagement goals, Quanta will help provide a full funnel strategy to ensure that your engaged audiences eventually become your actual customers.

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Quanta Digital also provides comprehensive LinkedIn optimization solutions to target a more adult or professional audience. Ideal for B2C type businesses, the Linkedin platform continues to offer targeting tools that are unique from other social media platforms

By activating a campaign through this channel you also give your brand the opportunity to make itself known to a focused audience who are much more determined to take action. Quanta will guarantee a smooth and efficient activation – from the account configuration down to the optimization of your campaigns.


TikTok, the newcomer to the network world, has more than proven itself today in terms of audience penetration. In March 2019 the number of downloads has exceeded 1 billion thanks to a quick adoption by Generation Z and millennials.

Being everywhere is a must for every brand to strive and with TikTok’s market penetration, it’s such a huge miss to reach potential consumers of your brand. Quanta will not only help provide a good marketing mix between TikTok and other social media solutions, we will also help you to strategize on what’s the best way to execute your Tiktok ads depending on your goals!

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Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing.

The usage of social media around the world is ever-increasing. It’s without a doubt one of the most popular online activities that users engage in with more than 45% of the population.

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Using this or this channel has to be strategic. At Quanta we organizer our campaign and select the channel regarding the goal of our client brand. For example, we might use TIK TOK for its powerful way to bring awareness and then convert our audience using a channel like Facebook.

As you can see choosing the right channel or platform can help your campaign to get a much better conversion rate, that will bring you at the end a better performance and will help you to allocate your budget to the right part of the funnel.

Quanta Digital has tremendously delivered and improved the execution of MamyPoko ads in the digital space. In 2018, before engaging with Quanta Digital, our long-standing issue was hitting both the number of visits and conversion rate required by Lazada which resulted to limited visibility and placements within their platform…

– MamyPoko Philippines

We have been using Facebook Ads through Quanta Digital for a year now since March of 2019 and the result has been very favorable, especially during campaign seasons.Our Facebook Ads activation through Quanta has consistently been a part of our offsite marketing strategy for driving traffic…

– Cayla Li, coocaa PH e-Commerce Manager